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VARUKERS "Punk Singles 1981-85" LP


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Recopilatorio de singles y maxis editados entre 1981 y 1985.

Get Back Records 2000.

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A1     Protest And Survive     
A2     No Scapegoat     
A3     Soldier Boy     
A4     Never Again     
A5     I Don't Wanna Be A Victim     
A6     Dance 'Til You're Dead     
A7     No Masters No Slaves     
A8     Die For Your Government     
A9     All Systems Fail     
A10     Led To The Slaughter     
A11     The End Is Nigh     
B1     You're Dead     
B2     Another Religion Another War     
B3     No Escape     
B4     Condemned To Death     
B5     The Last War     
B6     Who Pays?     
B7     Neglected     
B8     Deadly Games     
B9     Seek Shelter In Hell     
B10     Massacred Millions     
B11     Thatcher's Fortress     
B12     Will They Never Learn?     
B13     The Bomb Blast-3

A1 - A4: The Varukers EP.
A5 - A7: I Don't Wanna Be A Victim EP.
A8 - A9: Die For Your Government 7".
A10 - B1: Led To The Slaughter EP.
B2 - B9: Another Religion Another War 12".
B10 - B13: Massacred Millions 12".