B.S.O. "Miles Ahead" Miles Davies CD. Ver más grande

B.S.O. "Miles Ahead" Miles Davies CD.


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Banda Sonora de la película sobre la vida de Miles Davies.

Columbia Records / Sony Music 2016.

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Miles Ahead     
Dialogue: "It Takes A Long Time..."     
So What     
Taylor Made     
Dialogue: "Listen, You Talk Too Goddam Much..."     
Solea (Excerpt)     
Seven Steps to Heaven (Edit)     
Dialogue: "If You Gonna Tell A Story..."     
Nefertiti (Edit)     
Frelon Brun (Brown Hornet)     
Dialogue: "Sometimes You Have These Thoughts..."     
Duran (Take 6 Edit)     
Dialogue: "You Own My Music..."     
Go Ahead John (Part Two C)     
Black Satin (Edit)     
Dialogue: "Be Musical About This Shit..."     
Prelude, Pt. 2     
Dialogue: "Y'all Listening To Them..."     
Junior's Jam     
Back Seat Betty (Excerpt)     
Dialogue: "I Don't Like The Word Jazz..."     
What's Wrong With That?     
Gone 2015