GREG "STEACKHOUSE" PREVOST "Vintage Violence: 1975-79" LP. Ver más grande

GREG "STEACKHOUSE" PREVOST "Vintage Violence: 1975-79" LP.


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A1.Mr. Electro & The Void–    Just Like John Cage Blues (Excerpt)    2:54
A2.Mr. Electro & The Psychedelic Lampshade–    Rejects of Society    3:03
A3.Mr. Electro & The Psychedelic Lampshade–    Put Me to Death    3:24
A4. Greg Prevost–    Rejected at the High School Dance (Crude guitar demo)    1:50
A5.Mr. Electro & The Psychedellic Burnouts–    LSD    2:31
A6.Mr. Electro & The Psychedellic Burnouts–    Big Boss Man    3:08
A7.Mr. Electro & The Psychedellic Burnouts–    I Want You    3:18
B1.Distorted Levels–    Hey Mister    3:27
B2.Distorted Levels–    Red Swirls    3:12
B3.The Cutdowns–    Psycho '78    2:04
B4.The Cutdowns–    Route 66    2:50
B5.The Chesterfield Kings–    Fortune Teller    2:16
B6.The Chesterfield Kings–    Psycho '79    2:11
B7.The Chesterfield Kings–    Don't Need Your Lovin'    2:59